You’ve just finished writing a business case. It’s done. And now it’s ready to move on for approval. But wait – what about those recommendations? After all your hard thinking, that business case deserves a beautiful bow of a recommendation. Here’s a couple of points to keep in mind when writing recommendations that make people say YES!

  • Start by stating the recommendation. I know, seems obvious, but it is helpful for those folks that don’t have much time, and just want to get to the punchline. Sample wording: It is recommended that…
  • Use Plain Language. Using Plain Language means you’ll be keeping it concise, clear and easy to read. Your readers will appreciate this – not only will they get your point, but you will save them time. Here’s a good video, from Decoda Literary Organization (British Columbia) describing Plain Language:
  • Number the recommendations, if there is more than one. Use numbers or letters, i.e. some method to uniquely identify them. Recommendations have a life of their own, that exists beyond the galaxy and your business case. For each recommendation, provide a brief explanation why.
  • Be objective! This is work! No feelings, no beliefs, no desires.
  • Give direction on the next steps, i.e. should there be more analysis? Should the business case be approved? It’s always helpful to provide guidance.
  • Lastly, make sure that your recommendation is aligned with the analysis in the business case. There should be nothing new…No surprises!

And that’s it. Recommendations aren’t fancy. They serve a purpose – pulling together your thinking and summarizing the analysis into a tidy bow. A fine finish for your business case.

Good Luck!